Seal your fate together!

A multiplayer game, play together and catch the fish, find the light and become whole again. Or you can try playing solo and control both seals at the same time!

Made by the 'sealiously' amazing Seal Team 6 for Game Dev London @ The Global Game Jam 2022.

A couple of tips:

  1. The bottom seal won't become visible until the top seal makes a crack for light to shine through. Try from the starting position in the middle :)
  2. Once the bottom seal collects a fish, it can throw it upwards. But it needs a hole the go through the ice - time your belly flops well, it's a bit tricky!
  3. There aren't any goals in this build apart from the two of you helping each other - just stay away from the mosters and you can chill!


The whole team did a little bit of everything but the main roles were:

  • Georgi - Programming & Mechanics
  • Luke - Level Design, Lighting & Post Processing
  • Miranda - 3D artist and animator
  • Nick - Programming, Sound & Music
  • Sarah - Sky & Aurora Shaders


Download 33 MB


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Cool idea!

Thank you seally much! (I’m running out of seal puns, seal with it!)

Sarah, both your games AND your puns have my seal of approval 👍